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How to buy right products : Shopping choices made easy with

Hello my lovelies !! Recently I came across a site called,  It is a shopping discussion website which is dedicated to all the shopping queries of a buyer. It solves the  a consumers dilemma during purchase of a product. It lets you post your question related to a product and also you can answer others’ question. Let us know more about it.

About the Website: is a shopping niche question – answer site and it’s mission is to connect you with the genuine buyers who already have experienced the product or service you are planning to buy and need honest opinion to take your final decision. Being a consumer you have plethora of offerings by various manufacturers & it is not possible to buy them all and test to continue with the best one. That’s why you need a place like Rateral so that you can connect with current consumers of that thing and know that how they feel about your next buy.

My Experience with

Whenever we want to buy a new product or use a service we usually research a lot on it by reading the product reviews on the internet. Most of us buy the product only after getting good reviews or until we are satisfied with the feed back given by existing users of the product. I also do the same before investing on anything. gives the exact platform wherein you can post a shopping query. Hence, you can come to a decision  whether you should spend money on it or not. has come up with an amazing and useful concept. Consumers all over India can come up on one platform and discuss about their purchase and help each other.

My profile 

To make my shopping experience easy and to only invest in right products, I have registered to with my facebook id and have posted my first question.   If you have any suggestions please answer my question. Here is a link to my profile. . Check it out and follow me if you are interested.

How to use

Using their website is very easy. Open their site with this link . You can read questions and answers even without registration, but to  gain full benefits like to view all the answers or to save your favorite answers , you need to register. Registering is a one step process which can be done using your email id, facebook or google account . In this way, people help you or you help others to decide on products and services on where to buy and what to buy.

Final Thoughts: is a very helpful website for all the consumers. If you are a buyer who is looking for shopping suggestions or a person who is good at shopping advises, you must go for it.  You can post any number questions and also answer other’s questions.  You don’t have to take a chance with a product when you have to access. There are categories to choose from gadgets, hair care, makeup, services, electrical appliances etc.

You can also connect to other consumers by following them. This way you can reap more benefits of the website.

I recommend you all to visit it,  and also register on .

Thank you for reading the post . Do comment your thoughts .

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  1. Love the uniqueness of this website.. Well written post 🙂

  2. This sounds interesting! Will give it a try 🙂

  3. Joshita

    Wow. This is so nice. Will check the website…

    1. Yes Joshita.. Thank you !!

  4. Papri Ganguly

    Very well written. Unique concept

  5. A unique concept. Such platforms are required so that easy discussions can take place. Nicely described. 🙂

  6. snehalboricha

    This sounds great! 😃 I’ll definitely visit and annoy people with my questions regarding any particular product. 😁

  7. This website has been doing the rounds and many ppl are praising it. Will check for sure

  8. khadija Beauty

    Ohh wow thiis is a very new site to me. Thank you for introducing it 🙂

    1. Thank you Khadija 🙂

  9. Very interesting and beneficial concept. Thank you

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