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My favorites: Top 7 Face packs to get glowing skin this Diwali

Diwali is just round the corner and I am sure you all must be busy shopping and decorating the house with all the beautiful accesories. When it comes to Diwali we all want to look our best. While some of us make beauty parlour appointments, some of us want to pamper skin at home. I am certainly a second type of a person.. I usually indulge in face packs at home for glowing skin every now and then.. So here I am listing 7 face packs to get that smooth and glowing skin this festive season.

1.Forest Essential Facial Ubtan Narangi and Nagkesar

This is my favourite Ubtan from the luxurious skin care brand of Forest essentials. This ubtan is a blend of fresh sun-dried ingredirents such as marigold, orange peel, nagkesar , liquorice, vetiver, camphor that brighten and lighten the skin tone. This ubtan shows impressive results by reducing the oiliness of skin  It also evens out skin complexionand reduces tan with regular use. Suits all skin types.

Cost : INR 775 for 60gm

2. Kama ayurveda Nimrah anti-acne pack

While, this is actually an anti acne pack but it also gives a glowing skin hence I am listing it here. It is a 100 % natural product from the beloved brand of kama ayurveda. Enriched with vetiver, ashwagandha, red sandalwood, coriander, lodhra, liquorice, this pack is the best treatment for pimples and pigmentation. It also brightens the skin texture because of the presence of red sandalwood and coriander. Suits all skin types. (Also read Uses of red sandalwood powder )

Cost: INR 1095 for 40gm

3. Just herbs Instaglow Almond Complexion pack

Just herbs is a brand that produces skin care products that are organic and are free of synthetic ingredients. This face mask contains impressive ingredients such as sweet almond oil,, indian madder, holy basil, cinnamon, neem turmeric, bitter orange peel, symplocos bark, honey, sandalwood, alovera leaf juice, vegetable glycerine, indian volcanic clay, bentonite clay, china clay. This mask is sure going to give you that instant glow on your skin this festive season. Suits oily and combination skin types.

Costs : INR 525 for 150gm 

4. Plum Green Tea Clear Face mask

This mask best suits the oily skin and is known to instantly brighten the skin. The presence of glycolic acid removes dead skins and organic green tea is known to detoxify and help in getting rid of pimples . A must try face mask if you have oily-acne prone skin.

Cost : INR 475 for 60 gm

5. Biotoque Bio fruit whitening and Depigmentation Pack

If you are really looking for a brightening effect then this Biotique face pack is sure gonna benefit you. Enriched with lemon, tomato pineapple, papaya, this face pack rejunates the skin and gives youthful skin texture. Suits all skin types.

Costs: INR 199 for 75gm

6. Himalaya Herbals Fairness Kesar Face Pack

This one is another cult favourite budget friendly facepack from Himalaya Herbals.  This face mask is enriched with turmeric, walnut and saffron which is known to brighten the skin tone. Suits all skin types.

Cost : INR 70 for 50gm

7. Banjara’s 15 minute Multani + Papaya Face Pack

How could I miss mentioning this? I am using this face pack since teenage days and supposed to be a very effective one while it does what it claims. It is super affordable and cleanses the skin of deep impurities and gives a blemish free radiant skin. Suits all skin types, make mask according to your skin type by adding milk or rose water.

Cost : INR 50 for 100gm


I hope you enjoyed reading through the post. Have you used these face packs yet? which one is your favorite glow getter pack?  Also which one are you interested from the above list? Leave your comments below.

Have a great Diwali,

Love, Madhu



  1. Anita Singh

    Wow, diwali ko brighten up karne k liye kitne sarey products share kiya aapne, thank you so much 💕💕

    1. Madhu Anand

      Thank you Auntiji.. Do try one of these .. for that glowing skin 🙂

  2. Just herbs is on my wishlist for so line and even plum mask. Nice compilation.

    1. Madhu Anand

      Thank you Sonali

  3. Prerna Sinha

    This is so cool and so much needed one! Thanks for coming up with it! ⚡️

    1. Madhu Anand

      Thank you Prerna

  4. Nisha Malik

    Out of the 7 i love plum green tea clear mask. It alsways works or me 😘

    1. Madhu Anand

      Thats great !

  5. I have used the Forest Essential one, and loved it as well.

    1. Madhu Anand

      yeah ! its a good one indeed

  6. Slimexpectations

    Forest essentials an buotique are really good and have tried them . But I woudl love to try the rest too that you shared!

    1. Madhu Anand

      Thanks for stopping by

  7. Papri Ganguly

    Nice compilation. I’m using plum one which is amazing product.

    1. Madhu Anand


  8. Great Post! I really wanna try forest essentials ubtans now 🙂

    1. Madhu Anand

      :).. Do try 🙂

  9. Alexx Bloom

    Greats products to use this Diwali for getting that 😍lovely look on diwali

    1. Madhu Anand

      thank you

  10. Sabeeka Lambe

    Nice list.. Haven’t tried the Forrest essentials but heard good reviews about them.. Plum is my favorite

    1. Madhu Anand

      Thank you. Do try the forest essentials one too

  11. Such a great list to always treasure for skin

  12. Have heard so much about the Plum face mask!

  13. Mamatha Dilip

    I have tried botique and Banjaras product and I have always loved it. I will definitely try the other products. Amazing post by the way very helpful

  14. Deepika Verma - Makeupmagique

    I love the forest essential face mask… have tried it before and it worked well for me

  15. monika sehdev

    All Packs are too good. My Favourite is from Just herbs. It literally brings glow..

  16. Jhilmil Bhansali

    Great list for brightening up Diwali, shall go with Biotique.

  17. Fabulous list if face packs. All seems amazing and effcetice amd best for coming festive days for instant glow. Would love to try bio fruit whitening face pack.

  18. Khushboo Wase

    All packs are great for skin.. I still not tried the plum one

  19. The list of face pack sounds organic effective for skincare regime

  20. Mrinal

    Thanks for this list.. it was much needed.. i love the banjara one alot

  21. Snigdha

    I want to try the banzara face pack… I will add Himalaya turmeric and kesar face pack to this list…

  22. Kama ayurveda Nimrah is my favourite too.Loved this roundup of Diwali face packs.

  23. Bedazzleu Esha Dogra

    I really want to try Just Herbs and Plum mask..seems good

  24. You’ve picked up some of the best products in this list. I would love to try the Almond pack by Just Herbs. I have tried their Green Tea-Vetiver pack in the past and it was amazing.

  25. Mohuya Dey @ Couponsji

    I use the Himalaya Face Pack and I purchase it from Aplava only using aplava coupons. And this is how I save money while at the same time caring for my skin too.

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    1. Madhu Anand

      Kindly email me

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