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Get Soft and Glowing Skin: Mond’Sub facial sheet masks | Review

Hey !! facial sheet masks have gained so much popularity these days. And why not? They make our skin feel so good by adding that extra oomph to dull and lifeless skin. These facial sheet masks are also targeted for particular skin related concern. I am coming across so many brands that sell sheet masks. Among them Mond’Sub is one brand which I was wishing to try and to my surprise Mond’Sub sent me their Anti wrinkle and moiturising mask and Cherry Brightening Mask for Review. Lets see how they worked for me…

Mon’Sub Anti- Wrinkle and Moisturizing facial sheet masks :


Water (aqua), Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Cherry extract, Rose oil, Ceramide, Seaweed extract, Hyaluronic acid, Fragrance.

Brand Claims:

Combat the signs of aging with Mond’Sub Anti-wrinkle & Moisturizing Facial Mask (Pack of 1), which diminishes wrinkles and fine lines giving you a bright glow. Formulated with several plant extracted essences, this formula is specially designed for dry skin, mature or prematurely aging skin.

Price: INR 129

My Experience:

This mask turned out to be a very wonderful one for me. The Collagen sheet mask was protected between the 2 layers and fully drenched in the serum. The serum was not sticky and had a very mild fragrance.  The mask however didn’t fit my cheek area well. I kept the sheet mask for about 20 mins and removed and massaged the skin well with the remaining serum. After sometime I washed my face with plain water. I was really surprised with the results.

This Mond’Sub facial sheet mask gave an oomph to the overall skin texture, I could literally feel the velvety soft skin. It had also moisturized the skin well enough and gave a nice glow to the skin. The results stayed for pretty two days. I was really happy with this mask and suggest all ladies in their late twenties to get this one and use it regularly to reap it’s anti aging benefits.


Mond’Sub Cherry Brightening facial sheet masks


Aqua, Glycerin, propylene glycol, carbomer, cellulose, allantoin, EDTA-2NA, hyluronic acid, polysorbate 20, triethanolamine, tranexamic acid, portulaca oleracia extract,corn gluten amino acids, cherry extracts, tremella extract, phenoxyethanol, parfum.

Brand Claims:

Cherry contains abundant vitamin C which is 50 times of tomato’s, this product can ruddy, soften and beautify skin. Together with several essences and moisturizing ingredients, this formulation can penetrate into the skin bottom, moisturize, smoothen and brighten skin.

Price: INR 139

My Experience:

This is new launch from Mon’Sub in India, It has cherry extracts which are rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is known to brighten the skin tone. This mask was protected with a pearly film and was very thin and nice. It fitted my face very well.  One thing I disliked about the mask was it’s medicinal kind of bitter smell. I kept the mask for about 30 mins, in that time the smell actually faded. It did add softness and made my skin smooth by adding the necessary moisture. It brightened skin a bit, but not to an extent like the collagen mask. But yes, one should use it regularly to see the glowy skin. it is a good facial mask for all skin types and for all age groups.


You can store these masks in fridge for a cooling effect. You could also use remaining serum on hands and feet.


These are available on online shopping sites like purple, Nykaa and amazon

Buy Here :


Overall Thoughts:

Mond’Sub Facial sheet masks are excellent in terms of hydration and moisturization. They also provide slight instant brightness to the skin. But for lasting effect one have to use them regulary. Among the two masks the collagen series was my favourite. Both these masks were not sticky. They were also very thin and you can keep it well for around 30 mins for smooth and soft skin. I will surely repurchase these and recommend these facial sheet masks for all skin types.

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s mask. Have you used Mond’Sub facial sheet masks? How was your experience? which one is your favourite? Leave your comments below.


Madhu  @adoremyskin_



*PR samples received. Honest Review.




  1. Archana

    Hearing a lot about Mondsub nowadays. Want to try the cherry mask…

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  2. Ms Tantrum

    I have combination to dry skin and i think my skin will be benefitted by these. Thanks for the review.


  3. Renji Anooj

    I love facial sheet masks..My fav is by Face SHop

  4. I need to try these soon. 😊

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