DHA for Vegetarians: Mama earth Plant DHA supplement for mama | Review

The DHA supplements are everywhere now… But me being a vegetarian, often felt reluctant to use fish oil pills for my DHA / Omega 3 requirements. Omega 3 is commonly not found in most of food we cook in a Indian vegetarian homes. But here is a DHA solution for all we Vegetarian Mommies…. Mama earth Plant DHA supplement for mama .

What is Omega 3 and DHA

Well I not a doctor.  I can only give a little intro on what is DHA. Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid (mostly containing 2 fatty acids EPA and DHA) that is of utmost importance to our body functions and brain development. But our body cannot produce omega 3 on its own. Hence we have to rely on external sources. Earlier it was said that, fish oil was the only source of Omega 3. But now scientists have found a algae which is rich in omega 3 and many other nutrients…. and that’s what is in MAMA EARTH Plant DHA supplement. Pregnant ladies are recommended to take DHA supplements for the overall health and development. DHA supplements also help with depression.

About Mama earth plant DHA supplements


Mama plant DHA supplements come in a green colored plastic bottle with white cap. Bottle is also covered with thin plastic film for hygiene purposes. It is a cap with twist turn mechanism which is little tricky to open and close. The DHA pills come in capsule form and are brown in color. The pills do not have any smell or after taste like fish pills. One can easily consume them.

Recommended dose:

1 or 2 pills per day along with food.

Price and availaibity:

Mama earth plant DHA retails for INR 699 for 60 capsules pack. and is available on all leading online shopping portals.

Overall experience:

If you are an ardent believer of vegetarianism like me, then Mama earth Plant DHA supplements are the best choice for you. I have just started using these supplements and really feel very energetic only after using it for some 20 days. This is a 100% herbal supplement with natural extracts of plant algae.

I hope this review was helpful. Choose Mama earth Plant DHA supplements and enjoy good health. All pregnant ladies and mother are recommended to take DHA supplements for the overall health and development. Not only good health, It reduces chance of early aging by protecting the cell membranes of the skin. I have also seen better improvement in hair growth. Do consult your doctor and give it a try and reap the benefits of Mama earth Plant DHA supplements.

My Rating :


I will be back with more reviews soon.

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**Consult your doctor before taking any health supplements.

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