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Hand made soaps from “Beee Happy soaps” REVIEW

Hey Guys !!  Today I am going to talk about the Hand made soaps from “Bee Happy Soaps”  India . Let me introduce you to the brand. Be Happy soaps are specially hand made with essential oils , forest collected herbs . Mrs. Anuradha Pant from New Delhi, started making them for herself and later took it as a business.  This venture started a year ago & now offers soaps in many variants.

Beee Happy Soaps are natural, Hand made soaps which are paraben free, sulphate free & do not contain any petroleum jelly, palm oil mineral oil. It has no artificial fragrance  or colors. These soaps are especially made according to the client’s needs & skin type. She patiently asked about my skin type & my requirements before proceeding to make one. Essential oils are added in appropriate proportions based on individual skin type. So basically, soaps are not made in bulk instead a personalized bathroom essential only for you !!

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Recently, I received Citrus blast and Ubtan bar from them in both actual size & sample sized products. She asked me to gift some samples to my friends. I have used these soaps over a week & have been loving them. I always feel so good to indulge in natural products  for your skin. Citrus blast claims to brighten the skin while Ubtan bar nourishes & scrubs the skin. Here is the review of both the products in detail.

Ubtan Bar Soap

Key Ingredients : Powder of Almonds, Charoli, Oats, Coffee, Turmeric, Manjistha, Neem, Basil, Rhassouls clay, Lodhra oil, Shea butter, Jojoba coconut, Sesame, Essential oils of Palmrosa, Neroli , Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Sandalwood and soap base.


My Experience :

Ubtan bar appealed to me more among the two. It has a pleasant fragrance. I am always a lover of Ubtan powder ever since childhood. I made my own Ubtan with simple ingrediants… But OMG,,, look at the ingredients in the Beee Happy soaps’ Ubtan bar. It has so many unique stuff in it  which are going to benefit the skin in many ways.

  • Almonds – Removes dead skin, rich in Vitamin E
  • Coffee – Cellulite reduction, exfoliation, rich in antioxidants
  • Neem – Treats scars & pimples
  • Oats – Soothes irritated skin
  • Patchouli – Treats acne & dry chapped skin
  • Rhassouls clay – Purifies pores, reduces oilyness, detox, exfoliates
  • Manjishta –  Astringent & rich in antioxidants
  • Neroli , Ylang Ylang , Palmrosa & other essential oils have antibacterial & antiseptic properties, treats blemishes & balances natural oils of skin

This Ubtan bar lathers well & cleanses the skin efficiently. It scrubs away the dead skin & is acting as a very good exfoliant. You dont have to use separate body scrub & a body wash for yourself. It is a best bet for busy moms like me. It has nourished my skin and has made my skin soft .

Citrus Blast Soap 

Key Ingredients : Orange peel powder, turmeric, coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, orange, helichrysum essential oils & soap base.

My Experience :

This soap has a lovely orange color & its bitter-sweet orange fragrance fills the washroom. It lathers fine but not like a commercial soap. I guess, that’s because they have added high percentage of oils as I did tell them about my dry skin. The soap moisturizes well but not so efficient in cleansing. I can’t say much on the brightening effect on skin as I have only used it for a week. However a regular usage may benefit the overall skin texture.  After all, many good ingredients are being added in the soap.

  • Orange Peel powder – Cleanses the pores, Prevents black heads,white heads & Acne
  • Turmeric – Antiseptic & Anti Bacterial, removes tan, prevents pimples
  • Essential oils in it balances natural oils of skin aand moisturises

I am enjoying using these soaps. If you want to have a bath experience which is natural and toxin free, you should get these handmade soaps from “Beee Happy soaps”.  They will personalize according to your skin needs considering your skin type, allergies and general need.

These handmade soaps retails for around 200~300 INR depending on the essential oils used.

How to buy:

You can contact them on their Watsapp number or call them directly here : +91  9560431881

Or you can send a message to their Facebook page here :


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