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Essential oils from Ryaal | REVIEW (Rose, Geranium, Argan Oil)

Aromatherapy is such a soothing word in itself. The sweet scent of the oil uplifts our mood. These essential oils have great benefits in skin and hair care. We just have to understand which essential oil to use for which purpose. Recently, Ryaal approached me to try a few products from their brand and I was literally spoilt for choices. They have a wide array of options to choose in essential oils and body butters. I opted for Rose, argan, geranium oils along with Mango butter. I am going to review the same today.


Rose essential oil from ryaal is 100% pure and natural. It has a beautiful, strong floral fragrance that is mesmerizing and highly romantic. Rose essential oil can be used in aromatherapy by placing it in water or a diffuser. Rose essential oil brings hormonal balance in women and is used in skincare cosmetics from over thousands of years. It helps improve skin permeability, improves skin tone and has an anti aging property. It is works great for all skin types. Always use essential oils by diluting them in carrier oils such olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut or almond oil. Of all essential oils, Rose is a most expensive one, because large quantities of rose petals are required to make same volume of essential oil.

How I use Ryaal Rose Essential Oil

  • I mix a few drops in my skin care cream (Especially the night cream)
  • Add a drop of rose essential oil in almond oil or olive oil and then massage the face and neck.
  • I love to mix few drops of rose essential oil and bath salts in my bathing water.
  • By using in it a diffuser in my bed room, I just love this aroma.
  • By mixing just a drop in my lip balm/scrub. I usually make my own DIY lip scrub.
  • You can also make your own body spray 


Geranium oil is another floral essential oil used in skin care and aromatherapy. It was initially used by Egyptians for promoting beautiful skin. It has astringent properties and useful in reducing wrinkles. The oil reduces acne and blemishes too. Geranium oil is widely used in body massages by mixing it with carrier oils and is said to relieve stress and fatigue. Ryaal Geranium oil is highly concentrated and 100% natural and pure. It has a strong smell too.

How I use Geranium essential oil from Ryaal

  • I use it in body massages by mixing it with carrier oils
  • I use to in my body butters to tone muscles and reduce cellulite
  • Mix this oil with water and use it as a floor cleaner. It is rich in antibacterial properties
  • You can use it in a diffuser.


Argan oil is the most trending one these days. It is being widely used by cosmetic industriesfor it’s numerous uses and benefits. Argan oil treats dry skin and scalp. It hydrates skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging. Argan oil is packed with anti-oxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids and linoleic acid. The oil is rich in Vitamin A and E. All of these are super foods for skin and hair.

Skincare creams/serum infused with argan oils are highly expensive, hence I suggest you to buy this affordable 100% pure argan oil bottle from Ryaal and infuse it in your daily skin care products. It has very subtle nutty fragrance, which I like.

How I use Pure Argan oil from Ryaal

  • Mixing few drops of argan oil in my body lotions
  • Add few drops of argan oil in my daily face cream
  • Add few drops of this oil in my hair conditioners and mask
  • I mix a few drops in almond oil and apply at night.
  • Mix few drops of argan oil and Apple cider vinegar in water and use it to wash the hair as final rinse
  • I use it as a hair styling product by mixing argan oil with bees wax.
  • It can also be used as hair serum. Just apply a few drops on your hair.

Packaging of Ryaal Essential Oils:

All Ryaal essential oils come in a super cute blue colored glass bottles with perfected fitted white plastic caps. The bottles are sturdy and are of palm sized. Ryaal also provides a separate glass dropper with beautiful golden cap, for ease of use. Moreover even the glass bottles have a stopper attached which dispenses right amount of essential oils drop by drop.


More from Ryaal…..

Along with these essential Oils, I also bought Mango butter from Ryaal. I have dry skin and since winter is soon approching, I wish to stock few skin care essentials prior to its arrival. Mango butter absorbs very quicky into skin, and softens the skin texture by adding moisture. Mango butter has anti aging properties, it improves skin elasticity to a great extent and reduces the degenaration process.  Ryaal mango butter comes in a big tin container. The butter is of premium grade, 100% pure and natural, rich in Vitamin A, E and C.

You can use this mango butter as it is from the tin tub or make your own DIY skin care products such as lip balm, salve or body butter. I am soon posting a DIY using this mango butter , so stay tuned for it.


So, that summerizes my Ryaal Shopping haul. It is pretty a new brand but all their products are upto the mark and are of high grade quality. Ryaal products are affordable and 100% pure and natural. Visit Ryaal website here  for your choice of products or you can also shop them from amazon here

C ya guys, xoxo


Note: If you are using essential oils for the first time, consult your doctor before using any of them and always dilute the essential oils before using. Do a patch test before using essential oils on face. Do not use more than 2 drops. Less is more when it comes to concentrated solutions.




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  1. Wow pure organic oils are always a happy treat and when you get some smart products easily online nothing like that. Love the detailed review and looking forward to have one for myself too.

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