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Blossom Kochhar ABC Series: Aroma Magic Activated bamboo Charcoal facewash | REVIEW

Hey my lovely people.. Skin care products with activated charcoal are so much in trend now. I quite like the fact that how activated bamboo charcoal cleanses impurities of my skin. I live in country’s capital and you might know how polluted it is at times. So, I always have one activated charcoal product in my skin care routine as it restores natural glow to my skin.

Earlier I was using Ponds pure white deep cleansing face wash with charcoal & I was very impressed with the results. But now I mostly go for products that are free of Parabens , Alcohol, Sulfates and other chemicals.

Last month when I visited the Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic store, I found the newly launched Activated bamboo charcoal range ( abc series ) . The series has a face wash, face pack & a Shampoo in its range . I picked up the face wash and Shampoo. Today, I am going to review theBlossom Magic Aroma Magic Activated Bamboo Charcoal Face wash.


The Product claims :

” I transform your skin in 6 miraculous ways . The activated bamboo charcoal in my formulation allows me to cleanse your skin deeply and rid it of impurities and toxins . I let your skin breathe easy while I remove the dead skin cells . I promote cell regeneration and increase blood circulation that brings a glow to your skin . My antibacterial , anti viral & anti fungal properties help guard your skin against free radicals . I work gently on your skin to make it lighter , smoother & brighter . I also tighten your pores so your skin is left refreshingly perky and toned ”


Price & Availability : INR 195 for 100 ml . Available in mall outlets.



My take on the product:

The product comes in a black carton box with inverted tube packaging. The tube inside is also black in color with name written in front and all the useful contents like description, ingredients and how-to-use at the back of it. the packaging is very sturdy and travel friendly.

The face wash looks like a transparent black gel . It has a strong smell of turmeric and coal. I can say that it has burnt-woody-turmeric smell to be more precise.  the smell can be nostalgic as it reminds of old brahmin kitchen where they used chacoal and wood for cooking. It lathers well and cleans my skin efficiently. I get that squeaky clean effect after the wash. Since the winter is not over yet, I still feel my skin a little dry. So, I should follow with my moisturizer after using this face wash.. which I anyway do. My skin is usually normal-dry type. But this product can be a boon to oily skin girls out there.

Now, I have used this face wash regularly twice a day for few weeks and initially felt better then I also felt it is clearing a few pimples I had  But my skin became way too dry and area around lips very also dry and needed lip balms often. So I stopped using it regularly and will be using only once in a week.  Generally mine is normal-dry skin but this is way too drying and didn’t suit me at all. I still had that burning sensation even after using a good moisturizer. Overall, It will only suit heavy oily skinned people as it does it job well to remove oil, dirt and detoxes.

Pros :

  1. It is 100% free of Parabens, soap, alcohol, artificial coloring and fragrance.
  2. It does what is claims
  3. Best for oily skin.
  4. Even men can use this face wash cos the smell is not that girly
  5. It is not tested on animals and so a cruelty free product
  6. Budget friendly and even students can afford easily
  7. Good packaging & travel friendly


  1. Makes skin dry , So may not suit dry skin types
  2. Availability can be an issue for some people.

My Rating : 2/5

Final Verdict:

Honestly, It didn’t suit me and made my skin very dry. This may work for only oily skin people it as it is very efficient in removing the dirt and oil.  I can not talk more on it’s claims being true/false because I didn’t use it for long time. Do not try this if you have dry skin as it may further add to the dryness.

Thanks for reading through the post. I hope you like it. Please share with your friends and family.

I will be back with a new post very soon. Stay tuned !!! XoXo


  1. very good review . want to try this one.

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