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Azafran | Multi Fruit Purifying Facial Scrub | Review

Hello girls,

How are you all doing?  We all admire organic skin care products. Don’t we?  Recently I came across a brand “Azafran Organics”.  It has a wide range of organic skincare products covering many of the skin care necessities. Azafran products are made with 80 percent organic ingredients and it is proud to have been awarded the ECOCERT™ stamp of approval for the organic and green brands it produces.

Okay, let’s talk about today’s product,  Azafran Multi Fruit purifying facial scrub. I had heard a lot about this product and one day when I was browsing my big basket app I found it and immediately added it to my basket.  I have been using it on-off since then.  I have used it like about 3-4 times.  Read below to know how it worked on me..

Product description :

Azafran Organics Face Scrub with jojoba beads and coconut shell powder gently exfoliate dead skin cells, keeping skin soft and purified. Its unique Multi Fruit System made from a concentrated blend of 5 botanical extracts contain powerful actives and natural AHAs which stimulate collagen synthesis , boosts skin elasticity resulting in soft, clear & youthful skin. Usage Instructions: Apply to dry face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Gently massage with circular movements and rinse. Use the facial scrub two or three times a week.



Price and availability :

It retails for INR 300 for 50ml and is available in all leading super markets and stores. You can also buy online.

You can buy it here at Amazon :

My Take on Azafran Multi fruit purifying facial scrub

The product comes in a white inverted tube packaging with an orange colored flip cap. It has its logo in the front and all the necessary information at the back.

Packaging it light weight, sturdy and travel friendly.  The scrub is milky white in color with small black beads present in it, which are supposed to be coconut shell powder/ jojoba beads.  Quite obviously, It has a mild fruity smell to it.

I used it a few times only. First time I used it after cleaning my face, I felt it didn’t do anything to my skin. Yes, it din’t exfoliate the skin well.  I was disappointed !! Second time, I felt I should open my pores to make it work. So I washed my  face with warm water, wiped with warm wet towel and used this scrub. You know, the results were satisfactory again. Nevertheless, I gave a few more tries and concluded that it is a pretty average scrub.

If you see the ingredients list, it has some amazing products present in it. 5 botanical extracts, Multi fruits, AHA etc. It also reads purifying scrub. I wish it worked well. But if you are someone who likes/prefers mild exfoliation you can give it a try.   All I can say, for 300 rupees there are better scrubs in the market and I won’t be buying this again.



  • Organic
  • Toxin chemical free
  • It is available everywhere
  • Mild scrub


  • Pretty average in it’s efficiency.

My Rating:  2.5/5

Final Thoughts:

Azafran Multi fruit Purifying facial scrub is a pretty average product with satisfactory results. I mean, organic and all is fine but you need products that actually show results.  I would suggest you to skip this product. 

Have you tried Azafran multi fruit scrub? How was your experience? Leave your comments below.

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  1. I never tried this brand but glad you shared this review I won’t buy this product

  2. Maine inka tea tree range use kiya tha, uska result accha mila tha

    1. Ok. Might be. I haven’t tried.

  3. Hey Madhu great post! Honestly I avoid scrubs that have beads in them. Nice post enjoyed reading your systematic review. 🙂

    1. Thank you. Glad you liked it. Generally what do you use as scrubs? I am usually happy with my rice flour and curd paste. 🙂

  4. I haven’t tried anything from this brand yet but it seems to be a good product within budget!

  5. I have seen this brand here🤗 well, I’ll skip this scrub but will try different products,hope they may work! Great review Madhu ☺

  6. Papri Ganguly

    Nice review as always.

  7. snehalboricha

    I was going to get this. Thanks for your honest review! 😀

  8. Honest review. When it comes to facial scrub, i just cannot live without Biotique’s Bio Papaya Scrub, its the best!!!!

    1. Nice, I am also very much into biotique products. But never really tried their papaya scrub. Guess I should get one soon.

      1. Go ahead !!! Its an amazing one!

        1. Oh!! You like it. May be it suits you. Skin care is very subjective, opinions differ as skin type. 🙂

  9. Nice and detailed review , never tried this one , though the ingredient list is good , its sad that it’s an average one .

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