Quick Recipes: Avocado Topped Toast with Rose Mojito | Breakfast Recipe

Hey guys , I am so excited to share the recipe of Avocado Topped Toast and Rose Mojito which I just cooked in my kitchen this morning. I really enjoy making such quick breakfast dishes.  This recipe just takes 3 mins to prepare if you have all things ready by your side. Read below to know how is it made.

When I woke up this morning, my hubby said  he had to leave in 15 mins for a meeting. So prepared it with just few simply steps and we all really enjoyed today’s breakfast. I usually make such quick eats a lot at my home, only Sunday calls for a special breakfast such as idli sambar, dosa, puri etc. Do let me know if you want to know more recipes of such  quick eats.

Recipe for AVOCADO toast

It is really simple, avocados are very healthy and tasty. In Bangalore, they are commonly called as butter fruit. But, in case you don’t like them you can use banana or other fruits of your choice. It is all about your taste and needs 🙂

You will need :
  • Avocados
  • Bread of your choice
  • Cheese powder(optional)
  • Oregano
  • Maple syrup/Honey
  • Olive oil/butter
  • Walnuts
How to make :

Toast a few breads with some olive oil or butter. If you like garlic bread you could use it, but since I don’t like garlicky breakfast, I chose simple bread.  Now keep toasted bread slices aside and prepare the topping.

Take an avocado, cut it into half and remove the big seed. with the help of a spoon scoop the inner fruit pulp. I just needed half of an avocado to prepare this. Now, place the scooped avocado bits on the toasted bread and sprinkle some cheese powder (optional). Garnish it further with some walnuts, oregano and maple syrup. I was out of maple syrup so, I used simple honey. Your avocado toast is ready 🙂 As simple as that.


Recipe for Rose Mojito

I usually like an accompaniment when I have breakfast that includes bread, otherwise I feel very dry. If not anything I have it with Tropicana juice which also I dilute for my taste actually.  Today I prepared a Rose mojito…  lets look at the recipe

You will need
  • Rose syrup
  • plain water/ sparkling water
  • lemon slice
  • mint leaves
  • salt to garnish

Take a drinking glass and wet it on the edges, dip in a plate of salt. your garnishing is ready. Now add lemon slices, mint leaves into the glass and crush them with the help of spoon. Pour a spoon of rose syrup  ( I have used haldiram’s rose syrup) and fill the glass with water and mix them well. You could also add ice cubes if you wish too. Done !!

So, This was it. Avocado Topped Toast and Rose Mojito !! I only wish I had clicked better pics. My phone didn’t make justice to pics 🙁 So I added a few filters. I know, not good ! 🙁 please let me know your thoughts and opinions about this post in the comments below. Thank you ! I will be back with more posts soon. Stay tuned. Love y’all.

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