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8 Amazing beauty benefits of using Red Sandalwood/Raktha chandana on face

Hello Readers .. I am back with another post regarding the usage of red sandalwood or Raktha Chandana in your beauty regime . If you know me by now , you will know how I use natural ingredients to take care of my skin . Because they give you results that last long , unlike chemical laden cosmetic products . Here is one product that I swear by in that matter .

If you are not aware of Raktha Chandana , it is a bark of the tree which is red in color . The tree belongs to a species of  Pterocarpus endemic found in the southern eastern ghats mountain range of South India . Unlike Sandalwood , Red sandalwood is not aromatic . But it is at par with it when it comes to beauty benefits .

If you are someone who lives in Karnataka or Andra Pradhesh , you can get a bark of it from stores . You can make a fresh paste when you need to use it by rubbing it over a flat stone using some water or milk . If you cannot find a bark , you can get the ready made powder from online stores like Amazon . I got mine from local store in Bengaluru .

cinemascope.png   Here is how you can use it for different purposes .

1. For healthy-nourished skin  :

A well nourished skin will look healthy & beautiful . And red sandalwood is best ingredient that nourishes the skin cells and make the skin look healthy . Add 1 teaspoon of red sandalwood powder to 2 teaspoon of milk or oil depending on your skin type . If you have normal or dry skin , you may use oil . For an oily skin , milk  is the better choice . Make a fine paste of this mixture and apply it on your face until it dries & wash off . This gives a healthy appearance to the skin .

2. For even skin tone :

A skin with lot of blemishes , marks  or dark spots will look non presentable . To overcome this , make red sandalwood as your savior . Add 1 teaspoon of red sandalwood to 2 teaspoons of rose water & make  a paste . Apply it regularly  to even out your skin tone . Wash off after 10 minutes . Alternatively , you can add curd if you do not have rose water . This is by far the best remedy I am using till now .

3. For glowing/radiant complexion :

When your skin is too dry and rough , it makes your overall complexion look dull and unattractive . To overcome this , use 1 teaspoon red sandalwood with 2 teaspoon milk  and half teaspoon of turmeric . Make a paste and apply it on your face & Wash off after 10 minutes . Another option could be to use 1 teaspoon of red sandal powder with 1 teaspoon of almond oil . This gives a beautiful complexion to the skin .

4. For skin exfoliation or natural scrub :

I like using natural scrubs on my skin as they are free of chemicals and preservatives . Red sandalwood is one amazing ingredient that does the job . Mix 1 teaspoon red sandal powder with 1 teaspoon of rice flour & 1 teaspoon curd . Apply all over your face and massage in circular motion for over 5-10 minutes . Wash to slough off all the dead skin cells . You will notice a charming beautiful skin when done regularly .

5. For removal of skin tan :

During summer , even after using a sunscreen we may get tanned . It is difficult to remove it easily . Use red sandal for your help for tan removal . Mix 1 teaspoon red sandalwood with 1 teaspoon tomato juice and apply it on affected area . Massage well & wash off . Do it as you need and see the results .

6. For Oil & Acne Control  :

Some of us have oily skin which leads to acne & blackheads/whiteheads . Hence it is very essential to control the oil production of the face . Mix 1 teaspoon red sandalwood with 2 drops of lemon and 1 teaspoon of water . Apply it for few minutes and wash off . Doing this often will tighten the pores & reduces the sebum production making you more beautiful & look young .

7. For pigmentation reduction :

When you have healthy skin , you feel more confident and attractive . We often suffer pigmentation due to changes in our hormones . To overcome this , Mix 1 teaspoon red sandalwood with 1 teaspoon of grated potato juice . Use it all over the skin and massage well .  You can also use almond oil in this mixture if you have dry skin . Doing this as often as needed will give you better results .

8. For Anti-ageing :

A skin that is taken good care will not age faster . If you are looking to control fine lines and wrinkles soon , make red sandalwood as your best friend in your beauty care . Mix 1 teaspoon red sandalwood with few strands of saffron and milk . Apply the mixture on to your face and neck . Give a nice massage and leave it for a about 20 minutes.  Wash off to reveal the a gorgeous looking skin .

These are the top 8 uses of red sandalwood or raktha chandana . I hope you will use it in your skin care routine and achieve a good result .

Thanks for reading . Do like , comment and share the post with your family and friends . We will be back with another post soon .



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